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senior physical therapy session in home
Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in preventing the deterioration of patients with chronic conditions. Its primary objective is to restore the patient to their usual self, alleviating pain and suffering, enabling them to progress and lead a normal life. As a result, they can carry out their daily activities with minimal or no pain and difficulty.

senior being helped from a seated position by health care workers
Occupational Therapy

The primary focus in occupational therapy revolves around adapting the environment, modifying tasks, teaching essential skills, and providing education to both clients and their families. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance participation in and performance of daily activities, especially those that hold personal significance for the client. 

Grandmother and Grandson
Wheelchair Evaluations

The assessment of wheelchairs and seating systems is a specialized therapeutic method aimed at optimizing an individual's functional capabilities. When lacking the appropriate mobility device and suitable seating system, a person's quality of life and engagement in various activities, as well as their self-esteem and social interactions, suffer significantly. As a result, it becomes crucial to identify the ideal combination of person and product that caters to each person's unique needs.

Accessible Bathroom
Home Mod Assessments

When life circumstances evolve, adjustments to your living space become essential. An Occupational or Physical Therapist can offer valuable guidance to ensure your home becomes more accessible. This may involve incorporating elements like grab bars or a shower seat, as well as implementing necessary home modifications. Our aim is to help create a safe and accessible living environment by providing appropriate recommendations tailored to your needs.

senior with hands holding a cane occupational therapy
Fall Prevention

The consequences of falls, whether they result in injury or not, significantly affect one's quality of life. An increasing number of older adults become apprehensive about falling, leading them to restrict their activities and social interactions. This, in turn, can lead to additional physical decline, feelings of depression, social isolation, and a sense of helplessness. Let Able Care Mobile Therapy be your ally in tackling this rising concern.

Physical Therapy vs Occupational Therapy: What's the difference?

OT vs PT: One Key Distinction. The primary contrast between occupational therapy and physical therapy lies in their respective focuses. OT aims to enhance a client's capability to engage in activities of daily living (ADL), while PT concentrates on improving a client's physical movement and function of the human body.

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